Join our family of rabid unschoolers (frothing at the mouth) as we quit our day jobs, skip the country, and live, love and learn in the "real world"! Mom, Dad, two teens and a toddler traverse Thailand.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Have to start SOMEWHERE....

As some of you know, my family and I are preparing for the adventure of a lifetime--we're quitting our "day jobs" and skipping the country! As a way of keeping you all abreast of our adventures, I'm finally getting this blog off the ground. WELCOME! Yes, you! (I mean you!) If you are interested in LIVING life to its fullest, LOVING your family and really enjoying their company, LEARNING about everything that comes your way, TRAVELING to far-off exotic lands (with family in tow!), and MAKING a living while doing so--this is the place for you! We can learn along with each other, dear reader. Please feel free to leave comments with questions, or just with support. Thanks so much for coming along with us on this WILD RIDE!


  1. :) Hey Look! You're a blogger! :) Congratulations. I look forward to following your adventures from afar.

  2. Sounds like an amazing adventure.