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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Question of MUD...

We visited the Skagit Valley for the Tulip Festival this weekend.  If you have never seen acres and acres of tulips in bloom, it is a must see, and a fun family outing.  The sun was shining for a change and we headed out to see the flowers.  Miranda wore jeans, a sweater and a pink tutu...

When we arrived, the fields were muddy from the recent rains, and the mud puddles were calling our girl, so into the puddles she stomped.  Her boots were soon stuck, so off they came, pants rolled up, and she squished through the puddles with wild you can see in the picture above.

This is a day ending in "y" in our family, and we thought nothing of it...but the reactions of those around us were so sad, and so telling about what the lives of children must be like!

Children looking at her wistfully, guiltily..."Mama, did you see that girl!  She was playing in the mud!"--they wanted to be, too, but knew it wasn't allowed....

Parents laughing uncomfortably...glancing at us...weren't we going to stop her?

A few actually stopping to take pictures of her--because it is such a strange thing to see a child playing in the mud, we must take pictures of this rare creature!

One man went on an on about HOW COOL it was, HOW AWESOME Miranda was and HOW GREAT the whole experience was....he took pictures....stopped his wife and child....they just looked uncomfortable and hurried on.

Who knew you could actually draw a crowd with a toddler playing in the mud?  

Let you children stomp in mud puddles today, will you?  They won't melt.  They will only get dirty.  Bring a change of clothes.


  1. You got a new follower out of this post, Dana. Me! It's crazy how seemingly difficult it is to be at one with the mud, dirt, etc. And walking barefoot is even frowned on! On my goodness.

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  3. Dana, your daughter is clearly a strange and wild animal for playing in the mud! :P

    I guess I'm an animal, too. For years, I would play on the muddy beach each summer and cover my friends in thick, clay-like mud, calling it "skin cream". It was awesome.

  4. Brilliant. I am so glad that you had a chance to plant some seeds. :)

  5. lol...the DAILY reaction of others to my child who seems to always be doing illicit things (like playing in mud!!!) that are TOTALLY normal.

    The worst bit is the kids. I can understand parents...I mean I'm just sort of blinded to them by now...but the kids are awful. To hear a young child tell my kid that he CAN'T do something...because they're simply PARROTING what their parents have told them. Sad!

  6. Lyndz--yes, I find it so sad. It must be true, since my parents told me to....well, ok, I know they're not right, but by god, I have to do it, and you should have to, too.