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Monday, May 30, 2011

Garage sale #1, DOWN!

Lord love a duck, as my dad would say. We garage-saled long and hard this weekend, and man....people are rabid dogs! On the plus side, though, we made a lot of money and got rid of many years of accumulated crap.

Saturday's crowd were the professional garage sale circuit players, it was obvious...bothering us in the pouring rain at 7:30 when we weren't starting until 9, digging though boxes of books on the porch with their UPC readers on their phones, buying to re-sell. It was raining for the first hour of the sale, so some friends had come into the house to visit...and soon our living room was full of people I didn't know! "If I don't know you, get out of my house right now!" I yelled from the front door, and 10 or 12 people sheepishly shuffled out. You can't make this shit up!

Sunday's crowd was much better, though. Not nearly as many people, but they wanted to visit, ask about the story behind items, tell me about their plans. I talked to many people who had been to Thailand, or wanted to go to Thailand, or just to travel with their families. I talked to a public teacher, who bought a box-full of books for her classroom, that complained about the school system and lamented not having home schooled her own kids. She was amazed at our collection of books and told me I had obviously given my kids a very well-rounded education. Actually, I told her, they had very far-reaching interests and had simply followed their passions.

She's coming back on Tuesday to chat.

(please excuse any mess this post might be in...I'm learning how to blog from my iPad!)

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