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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hair dying continues...

Otto's brilliant purple hair has gotten plenty of attention here in Thailand, but it's starting to fade, and time for a new color. This time we're going for bright red. We found it at one of the numerous beauty supply stores that seems to be on every street in Phuket Town....and I think we paid around 30฿ for it (around a dollar!)

Since we're in one room studios and have none of our normal hair dying tools, bowls, brushes, etc...we had to improvise. Otto's awesome idea was mixing the dye in an empty water bottle and poking a hole in the top, to squirt the dye onto this Mohawk...

His idea worked great, and here he is in his hard-core glory, waiting for the dye to...well, dye.

It looked purple while waiting, but it washed out to a nice red/pink/plum. He also wants it to be here he sits with curlers...

And here's the finished product! Ready for plenty more attention on the streets of Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand!

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